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Frequently Asked Questions
 When is the Fall season:
 Details can be found in the Calendar / Schedule of Events (home tab) section of our webpage. Usually Fall practices start in late July / early August with games starting prior to Labor Day. Games will run through October with a tournament following the regular season.
When is the Spring season: Details also can be found in the Calendar / Schedule of Events (home tab) section of our webpage (this is usually posted for the year in late January after the yearly schedule is finalized). Usually Spring practices start in March (weather permitting) with games starting in April. Games will run through early May with a tournament following the regular season.
When and where are practices: All practices are at our home fields at the Batavia Township Park on Clough Pike. Coaches submit a request for practice schedule at the beginning of the season. Day and frequency are determined by the coaches. Typically, coaches practices twice a week for 60 – 90 minutes, Monday through Thursday although Friday practices are permissible. It is not uncommon for our U6 and U7 teams to practice only once a week. Practices typically start about a month before the regular season of play and continues through the tournaments.

When and where are games played:  Games are on the weekends unless there is a rainout that cannot be rescheduled on the weekends. In this case games will be played during the week at a time and place that is the most convenient. You will have games on both Saturday and Sunday each weekend expect for the occasional BYE. Saturday games can start as early as 9am and as late as 4pm while Sunday games start at 1pm and as late as 4pm. All home games are at our fields at the Batavia Township Park on Clough Pike. Away games are played at fields of other clubs in CCSA.

What is the age requirements: Kids must be 4 years old by July 31st to play in our Fall league.
We allow younger kids to play in the spring.  Kids must be 4 years old prior to the first game to be eligible for the spring. When registering your 4 year old for spring you will most like need to email us to manually register your child in the system. Parents need to realize that our youngest age group is comprised of 4, 5, and a few 6 year old kids. Please check the date of birth requirements on the U6 Dribblers registration before emailing about whether your child is eligible. 
Coed teams: Our U6 Dribblers program is Coed. Athletes may play on coed teams if there are not enough kids in their respective grouping. 

Can I request my child to play on a specific team: Yes, just make a comment on your registration form. Every effort will be made to grant the request, but please know the requests are not guaranteed.

How do I register:  Visit our website, www.westclermontsoccerclub.com, and click on our registration button. If you are a first time user, you’ll need to create an account. Once created, you’ll be able to register for future seasons with only a few clicks. We use our registration system as a communication tool throughout the year.

What is the cut-off for registrations: Dates change from year to year so you’ll need to visit our schedule of events (home tab) section to get specifics. For the spring we typically commit to the number of teams in early March while in the fall we commit to the number of teams in early July. We base our team numbers on the number of kids who register so it is important that you register early. We can continue to add players to committed teams for a few more weeks but cannot add teams if we get a late rush of players. The cut-off for teams allows volunteers to develop a game schedule for all of CCSA which takes a few weeks of dedicated time.
Can I pay my club fees by check or with cash: Yes, just contact us (westclermontsoccerclub@gmail.com) to make arrangements.

When should I expect to hear from my coach: Unfortunately there are times when we are searching for coaches late into the practice schedule. Once coaches are identified, they are encouraged to contact the parents as soon as possible. Coaches are also encouraged to use our on-line registration system to communicate with the parents. We are always looking for good coaches, let us know if you have an interest in coaching.

What equipment do I need to purchase: Shoes, ball, shin guards, shorts, and water bottle. Our club will purchase shirts for our U6 age group. The other age groups will need to purchase a uniform. Visit our online store to purchase you uniform or shorts if you are a U6 player. Do not purchase a uniform before receiving a Player uniform number from the league. We do this to make sure we don't have duplicate numbers on the field at the same time since our league where the exact same uniform for all ages. Please note that all fund raisers must be approved by the board.

What does my club fee pay for: Referee fees, field maintenance, insurance, and other operational costs. The operation of our club is enhanced greatly by many, many volunteer hours. The fee schedule is $90 per Player. We do offer a discount for anyone who decides to coach. This discount is provided the following season.

Who do I contact if I have any questions or concerns:  Please look for a board member at the fields during practices or games.  You can also attend a board meeting or e-mail us at westclermontsoccerclub@gmail.com.